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Planning for the future? – Work with a Financial Planner who uses Lifetime Cashflow Modelling

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A good financial plan will show us how the choices we make today will impact our lives in the future

We go through life making plans and visualising our life in the future. Most of us hope to accumulate enough money to have a comfortable retirement, to be able to live in the house of our dreams and to be able to provide for our family and loved ones.

Our lives are busy and it can be difficult to take time out to understand what is truly important and what are our deeper motivations.

With some life goals sitting so far in the distance it can be difficult to quantify exactly what that means financially. Will I have enough? When can I achieve my goal? What position do I need to be in financially?

Unfortunately, life tends to throw us curveballs and getting from where you are now to where you want to be is rarely a straight-line. Do you want to keep doing the job you are doing? Would you like to start your own company? Maybe you will move to a different country?

As a financial planner Lifetime Cashflow Modelling is a great tool to be able to help clients to visualise their financial future and to lift the figures on paper or a spreadsheet into a more tangible format.

It enables us to answer your “What if?” questions, the questions that in real life need to be understood if you are going to have the peace of mind that you want.

“Life is about making plans from which you deviate, almost always. If you are lucky, you do come up with a plan” (Kenneth Branagh).

The plan is what we at Pyrmont Wealth Management are here to help you with.

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