Investment Management Services

We are committed to finding what we believe is the best strategy to achieve market beating returns over the medium to long term.

Most importantly our main goal is to ensure that we have the best chance of achieving all of your future financial and life goals.

We believe that an Evidence Based Investment (EBI) approach is the best way to ensure this future success.

What is Evidence-Based Investing?

Evidence Based Investing is a disciplined approach to investment management that combines the data we have from the past and present with the truth about the unknowable future.

Where traditional investment management may use forecasts, predictions or emotive judgement to guide their decisions, EBI would prefer to use facts, logic and empirical evidence.

The concept behind this approach comes from some of the greatest modern financial and academic minds, several of whom have won Nobel prizes for their work in this field.



Where will my money be held?

Pyrmont Wealth Management works with some of the world’s largest and safest financial institutions, including private banks, investment platforms and life insurance providers, making us one of the leading investment management firms in Hong Kong.

Before selecting an appropriate custodian, our expert financial planners will help you with the selection of several factors including the tax requirements when investing, how much you plan to invest, and access to capital you may need. From there, we will be able to recommend the most suitable custodian for your objectives.

Who will my money be invested with?

We will always look to build the optimal investment strategy to align with your risk profile and individual needs and objectives. We implement the investment strategy and invest your portfolios with some of the leading global investment firms and providers of mutual and exchange-trade-funds (ETFs) such as Dimensional Fund Advisors, BlackRock and Vanguard.

Where appropriate we can also offer access to alternative investment strategies, private equity and hedge fund offerings.



What about the costs?

High fees and hidden charges can cause a significant drag on a portfolio’s returns. Our fee structure is straightforward and transparent. Our interests are aligned with our clients’ when our fees are charged as a percentage of the assets we manage on their behalf.

All fees will be disclosed and agreed prior to our engagement and any plan being executed.

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