Australian Expat Services

At Pyrmont Wealth Management, we can help clients with all their financial needs as a qualified financial planner can do back in Australia, with two main differences:

We understand how resident and expatriate Australians are treated differently on their financial assets and income. Sometimes the financial structure that was set up while in Australia is not the most appropriate when you become an expatriate

You can discuss things with us face to face. When it comes to personal and financial goals, we do not believe they should be treated simply as “business”. We believe in the old fashion way of sitting down together, working together and discussing your needs.

Several of the Pyrmont team are dual licensed holding both the Hong Kong advisor qualifications and the Australian ASIC qualifications

Our experts can help you to:

  • Understand the best way to organise your Australian assets, including property and mortgagese
  • Plan what to do with your assets outside of Australia
  • Assist with tax efficient structuring
  • Repatriation planning (best done in advance!) if you plan to go home
  • Advise on asset and personal protection for you and the family
  • Retirement planning
  • Superannuation consolidation, management and contributions whilst overseas
  • Estate planning

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