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Welcome to Pyrmont Wealth Management – Life Centred Financial Planning

If you’re like most people, you have been putting off planning for your financial future until tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes! The everyday demands of life always get in the way of planning ahead.

We believe that great financial planning can make positive changes to help you to live the life you want.

Based in Hong Kong we have a team of professional and qualified financial advisors who collectively have decades of advising experience in providing fee-based, life centred financial planning advice.

It’s your finances, it’s your future. We are here to help to inspire you, to help you to plan ahead and to ensure you get a better Return On Life not just return on investment.

A Personal Approach

Every client has individual financial needs and different financial goals. Our highly personalised LifePlan process ensures that we listen to you and discuss what is important to you in life and why it is important.

All Great Things Start With a Plan

We’re dedicated and passionate about our clients’ financial lives. Everything needs to start with a plan and our LifePlan process can help you decide what to do today to help create a brighter tomorrow.

Consulting with an experienced financial planner can help you to make smart decisions, allowing you to live for today, safe in the knowledge you’re prepared for the future.

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Specialist Expat Planning

Being an expat can often add an additional layer of complexity and confusion to your finances. At Pyrmont Wealth Management we specialise in helping expats in Hong Kong not only to plan efficiently whilst they are away but also ensuring they have a robust plan for their future wherever expat life may take them

Some of our most best results started with a simple chat and a cup of coffee. If you would like to find out more about us, our fee based approach, or our life centred financial planning process then please contact us today!

Private Investment Office

With our experience working with high net worth Chinese, expatriate professionals and business owners in Asia, we understand it is often very time-consuming and overwhelming for clients to manage their private wealth with various private banks, stock brokers, property agents and insurance agents.

Our concept of a Private Investment Office aims to provide an organised solution in advising and managing core investment portfolios and insurance coverage that achieve long-term lifestyle goals. See more

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