ORSO, QROPS, SIPP & Expat Pension Advice

We are passionate about what we do and helping clients obtain the best financial solutions to achieve their desired retirement lifestyle.

Pensions can be a complicated subject, but don’t worry! You are in good company as we are here to help simplify and explain the different options available.

Our advisors can advise and assist with pension planning, pension transfers, and ongoing services for the myriad of different schemes that exist in Hong Kong, be it a SIPP, a ROPS (formerly QROPS), an ORSO or even a Superannuation Scheme. If it is not a pension we can directly assist with, we have a network of experts who can.

UK Pension Transfers – ROPS (formerly QROPS) & SIPPS

The UK Pension landscape has changed somewhat over recent years. Whilst there can be considerable benefits of moving your Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution pension, it is not something you should do without appropriate help from a professional pension planning advisor in Hong Kong.

Some questions clients often ask us include:

– What am I likely to receive at retirement and is it enough?

– What taxes will I pay in my retirement location of choice?

– What happens to my pension on death?

– Is it better to hold my pension in a currency other than GBP?

– Can I take more control of the investment of my pensions?

– What is the difference between a SIPP and a ROPS / QROPS?

If you would like to ask these or other similar questions then please feel free to get in touch.

ORSO (Occupational Retirement Scheme Ordinance)

An ORSO pension is a Hong Kong based company pension scheme that is established by an employer for its employee(s). It is registered with and regulated by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) in Hong Kong.

It is possible to build a scheme from just 1 employee upwards and we work with a range of trustees to design, build and manage a scheme that is appropriate for the both the business and employee’s needs.

Having an ORSO scheme can often attract staff and can work as a retention benefit.

For owner managed companies there can also be some sensible and significant benefits.

Superannuation Schemes

For those that have lived in or intend to live in Australia, it is vital to understand the different retirement planning options available. It’s important to select the best superannuation scheme, managing an existing superannuation scheme or perhaps establishing a new Overseas Superannuation or Self-Managed Super Fund while you’re in Hong Kong.

Our experienced financial advisors can help to discuss the different options and can assist with the setup and management of the best solution for your needs. Please get in touch to find out more about our Australian Expat Services.

Offshore Planning

There are specific schemes available to help expatriates with all their retirement planning needs. There may be significant benefits for expats living overseas to plan their retirement using offshore financial Solutions.

Unsure how to manage your pension? Whatever the scenario you are facing with your retirement it’s always best to seek professional pension advice. Please contact us via our website or by telephone.

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