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Being a UK expat abroad has many advantages: travelling the world, learning new cultures, better paid jobs and lower tax environments to name but a few.

However, Pyrmont Wealth Management realises that for a lot of clients, it is not their long-term intention to remain an expatriate and at some point they may return home.

Keeping your financial affairs in order is of vital importance throughout your travels, ensuring you don’t encounter troubles upon your return.

Whilst I’m away
I’m heading home
Whilst I’m Away

Whilst you are an expat abroad it may be important to answer some of the following questions:

– Do my insurances cover me whilst I am away?

– Are my investments as tax efficient as possible?

– Are my pensions structured in the best way for my future?

– Can you help me with my UK tax returns?

– Can you help me with my inheritance tax planning (IHT)?

– Can you help me with my UK based investments?

We are here to help you answer those questions, along with any others you may have.

I’m Heading Home

Now you are heading home it is important to ensure all your affairs are in order.

It is advisable that you consider this several months in advance, in order to allow plenty of time to make any changes that may need to be made. Clients are strongly advised to consider:

– Tax consequences of current investments

– Property purchase for your return

– Currency switching

– Tax and pension implications before you leave your current country, e.g. IHT

– Relocation assistance

Pyrmont Wealth Management are committed to building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. As such, we have FCA regulated advisors that can continue to support you, even when you are back in the UK.

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