The Pyrmont LifePlan

The Pyrmont LifePlan is a specially designed process that is the key to Life Centred Financial Planning.

Within the process we will take time to understand you, your background, philosophy, needs and objectives so that we can help put your money to good use. In so doing, our aim is to provide you with a better Return on Life, not just a better return on your investments.

Clients often ask us such questions as:

What is enough to live the life we want?
Will we run out of money?
Are we making the most from what we have?
Can we help our kids in the way we want to?
Will we able to achieve what we want to do financially?
Are the family protected if something were to happen?
Are we ok?

LifePlan is designed to answer all of these questions, and many more. The process to achieving this can be broken down into the following steps:

Step 1 - Discovery
Step 2 - Lifetime Cashflow Planning
Step 3 – Creation of LifePlan
Step 4 - Implementation
Step 5 - Review

Discovery is a combination of questions designed to help us to really get to know you and learn what is important to you.

This is assisted by our specialist Return on Life software – The “Fiscalosophy” that helps us to understand how your experiences have shaped your perspectives on money and the “Return on Life Index” to understand how you can use your money to make positive changes towards achieving your best possible life.

During Discovery we will also complete the financial information gathering that is needed for step 2.

Utilising the information collected in Discovery, Lifetime Cashflow software helps us to provide a visual representation of what your financial situation will look like based on your current and expected financial circumstances (i.e existing assets, expected income, expected costs, major expenses, etc).

Within this step we will create “what-if” scenarios to model things such as “what if I stop working?”, “What if I move country?”, “what if I want to do something entirely different?” and so on and so forth.

Lifetime Cashflow Planning will help to identify strategies that might need to be implemented if you are to achieve your goals as well as providing a reference to benchmark our progress over time.

From Discovery in Step 1, we now understand what is really important to you, and from Lifetime Cashflow Modelling in Step 2, we can see the current and expected outcomes of your financial situation.

This information is then used to create a bespoke personalised financial LifePlan.

LifePlan will include:

  • The results of Fiscalosophy and the Return on Life Index with recommendations as to how you make positive changes and significant steps towards achieving your personal goals
  • The Lifetime Cashflow planning scenarios that can then be used as a point of reference in our decision-making process
  • An action list of suggestions to implement, and changes needed to help you achieve your financial goals
  • A full investment strategy to ensure your money is working properly for you
  • Tax analysis – to help you to understand potential tax, especially inheritance tax, implications and how we can plan to mitigate these if needed
  • Protection analysis – to understand shortfalls of family protection requirements and suggestions to rectify this

Where relevant, it will also include:

  • Portfolio analysis – if you have existing investments we can review these to ensure they are aligned with your risk profile, investment objectives and to ensure it is as cost efficient as possible

A full breakdown of costs, fees and charges will be provided so that, before you engage us for implementation, you fully understand all recommendations and suggestions.

Once we have agreed on the action points to implement we will take care of all of the administration and paperwork that is required to get you on to the path to financial security and success.

Life gets in the way of best laid plans and as such reviewing LifePlan on an ongoing basis is of the utmost importance.

We will work with you to anticipate your life transitions and will endeavour to be financially prepared for them by regularly assessing what is coming and creating the action plan to address and manage these ahead of time.

A full breakdown of our ongoing service charter is available here

To find out more about LifePlan and how you can plan to live the life you want get in touch today.

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