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How Much Is Enough?


Imagine. You have more than enough money to last you for the rest of your life.

Imagine that.

You don’t need to ever worry about money again. Ever.

Financially, everything is perfect. You can keep living the life you want – and you’re NEVER going to run out of money. Imagine that.

The only trouble is…. you just don’t know it!

If you didn’t know you were going to be OK, how would you live your life?

Chances are, you’d still worry about money. You’d go without. You’d skimp on the nice things in life.

If you were still working, perhaps you’d plan to retire at 65 when in fact, you could retire at 55. Perhaps you’d keep working when you could be playing. Perhaps you’d be stressed out and tired, doing a job you no longer enjoy, when instead you could be having fun.

Already retired? Perhaps you’d often worry about your money and about how long it was going to last.

Perhaps you would not treat yourself and your family when you could easily afford to do so. Or worse, you might spend money and then feel guilty for doing so! Imagine that! Paying for a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime-vacation – and all the time thinking to yourself: “I shouldn’t really be doing this!”

That’s no way to live or to have fun. Thinking and worrying about your money is the best way to miss the most important thing of all – the precious moment. Miss enough precious moments and you miss a lifetime!

Here’s another thing: you’d probably take more risk with your investments then you really need to. After all, you’d always be seeking a better return on your money.

It can stress you out. Sunday mornings might see you wearing over the money pages. You’d easily fall prey to the financial propaganda and all the financial scaremongering that fills newspapers and websites every day.

When markets fall – as they always do, sooner or later – you’d be even more worried. Naturally, you’d be tempted to try and protect your money. You might be tempted to switch out of equity-based investments into something “safe”. By then you’d be too late, of course. Your money will already have gone down! Then, when you feel confident the market has recovered, you’d reinvest. But again, it’s all too late! Selling low, buying high, this is a surefire way to devastate wealth.

Worse though, what about your precious time on this wonderful planet?

If you didn’t know you had ‘ENOUGH‘ you’d probably let opportunities pass you by. You wouldn’t climb those mountains. You wouldn’t sail those seas. You wouldn’t do stuff while you have the chance.

Then, sadly, the time would come when you realise that you’ve become ‘too old to enjoy yourself.  Your knees gone… your hips gone… soon you’ll be in a wheelchair. And then… you’re dead.

Perhaps you’ll realise you didn’t live life to the fullest, you didn’t do stuff when you had the chance! Perhaps you’re lying on your deathbed, with all that money…but no time!

Then… it’s too late!

All this, because you didn’t realise that you had ENOUGH!

There are millions of people who suffer from this problem.

But you needn’t to be one of them.

The big question is: ‘How much is ENOUGH?’

How much do YOU really need for the rest of your life?

What’s YOUR Number?

And an equally big question is: ‘ENOUGH, for what?’

That’s what our book ,’ENOUGH?‘, will also help you to think about and discover.

To help you understand how much money you need for the rest of your life and more importantly, get financial clarity for the future, download our book ENOUGH?

Written by Paul D. Armson in association with Pyrmont Wealth.


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