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Is It Really All Doom & Gloom?

Taking a moment to observe the constant stream of news fed to us, it will tell us that Coronavirus cases are not showing any signs of disappearing, many businesses are sadly closing, and people are losing their jobs, not to mention geopolitical tensions.

We are, of course facing real challenges, and the ‘third wave’ in Hong Kong has reminded us we are not yet out of the woods.

However, it would be wise to remember that even in the best of times, the media will be speculating the next doomsday scenario. Unfortunately, it is bad news that sells and keeps us stuck to our screens.

If all we consume is negative news, and all we do is increase our screen time, there will come the point where both our mental and physical wellbeing are impacted.

The good news is that we have come this far already, through this pandemic and every crisis before.  There are actions we can take to remain positive and not let negativity stop us from moving forward. Here are some points to be mindful of.

Is the world ever perfectly calm?

Many of us born in developed countries are lucky enough to have lived through recent peaceful times with a high standard of living, so it may seem out of the ordinary to experience a crisis where the impact on our day to day living is out of our control.

If it’s not happening where we are living or impacting our livelihood directly, it probably won’t make the headlines, but there is rarely a time where every single country in the world is at peace and going through prosperous times. The pandemic has hit the whole globe at the same time and is a first for many of us.

There have been wars and crises in the not too distant past, and this will not be the last one. But humans have shown time and time again that they can adapt. We have already seen great changes in the way people work and live to make it through this pandemic.

Reasons for optimism

Amongst all of the challenges of the past, we shouldn’t forget the positive advances we have made worldwide and continue to make.

For example, the global rate of children completing primary school is the highest its ever been at close to 90%.

The death rate from cancer is at its lowest ever level.

The number of people living in extreme poverty has reduced by over 50%.

These positive stories rarely make it onto our news feeds in normal times let alone in the current climate.

We don’t want to become unaware of the reality of the pandemic but actively seeking out legitimate positive news may help to relieve any anxiety or negative feelings and have been proven to improve our mental wellbeing. Your information diet is just as important as your physical diet.

Digital Detox

Our devices have become 24/7 news feeds, so it is far too easy to spend lots of time reading news. Consuming too much information in itself can do more harm than good due to information fatigue.

If you feel overwhelmed with the current situation, a good place to start would be to reduce your news consumption or even detox entirely for a period. Setting limits for how often you check social medial and news could also be a healthy habit moving forward.

Physical Activity

Our gyms may be closed, and it is perfectly ok to have lapsed in our fitness goals given the current circumstances. However, even maintaining light levels of physical activity can ensure we stay healthy mentally and physically. Filling your free time with activities away from our screens is also a positive distraction from the news. As we know, Hong Kong has many hiking trails that are perfect for escaping the city and don’t require a gym membership.

Be intentional with your time

As we go between lockdown and semi-lockdown, our routines have likely been thrown off course. A day without some form of structure can quickly drift into spending our time exactly how we didn’t want to. Even just taking 10 minutes out of your day to schedule in positive activities such as exercise and eating healthily can shift our mindset when you feel distracted or if those urges to procrastinate come along.

Now is also a good time to reflect on the broader picture. If the pandemic has taught us anything, its that life is not a rehearsal.

Ask yourself if you are spending your time and living your life in the way you really want to?

What if you are not satisfied with your career and want to make a change? What if you are planning to move to a different country, but you are not sure if it’s possible? Now is the perfect time to consider those changes, but it should be done so with proper planning beforehand.

Pyrmont’s Lifeplan process can help you make those ‘what-if’ questions a reality. Get in touch today to get started.

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