Private Investment Office

The concept of a Private Investment Office incorporates the best features of both private banks and that of a family office and is designed for high net worth individuals and families. We aim to deliver the investment management expertise and secure custody of assets of a private bank while maintaining the impartial stance and wide spectrum of services offered by a family office.

No conflict of interest.

Under the traditional private banking model, private bankers manage a number of client accounts on behalf of a private bank. As an employee of the bank, the relationship manager is mainly driven by KPIs such as revenue and assets under management targets. It is not surprising that many managers take priority on achieving these KPIs over the best interests of their clients.

Pyrmont’s Private Investment Office advisors provide investment advice in accordance with open and transparent management principles, putting clients, instead of dealing commissions, as the top priority.

Investment Philosophy
Investment Advice Process
Investment Offering
Fee Structure
HNW Insurance Solutions
Investment Philosophy

One of the cornerstones of our Investment philosophy is the priority of risk management. Our primary focus is the preservation of our client’s capital and our investment processes are designed and managed to ensure we monitor and minimise key risks, be it the underlying investments, the custodian or any operational risks. It is important to note that we only partner with the world’s premier private banks and custodians to provide secure custody of our clients’ assets.

Another key factor is our belief that a portfolio’s asset allocation is the major driver of investment returns over the medium to long term. Empirical evidence shows us that markets are efficient as security prices reflect all publicly available information as intense competition among market participants drives prices toward fair value.

Our investment philosophy rests firmly on the concepts of evidenced-based investments where decades of financial research have identified dimensions of higher expected returns. It is in contrast to traditional investment approaches that strive to beat the market by stock selection and market timing. A carefully designed investment plan based on transparent, low-cost and highly diversified portfolios can be structured to deliver these extra expected returns over the long run.

This information is then combined with knowledge of your risk tolerance and investment objectives to build a strategic asset allocation. Furthermore a rebalancing strategy will be agreed to minimize risk relative to target asset allocation, rather than to maximize returns.

It is vital that a portfolio be rebalanced as over time asset classes produce different returns thus the initial allocation weightings deviate. We believe a rebalancing strategy based on reasonable monitoring frequencies and allocation thresholds will provide the risk control required.

Investment Advice Process

We utilise a systematic advisory process in assessment of your financial situation and to understand your financial and lifestyle goals. This includes:

– Return expectations

– Risk tolerance

– Time horizon

– Tax considerations

– Investment restrictions

With reference to your investment profile and risk tolerance analysis, we create an investment strategy and asset allocation to help you achieve your goals. It is important to consider:

– Wealth Optimization

– Tax efficiency

– Liquidity and retirement planning

– Simulation of expected returns

– Tailored investment solution

After your investment plan has been agreed, we ensure that it is efficiently implemented utilizing the combined strength of our carefully selected strategic partners and platform providers. We will seek to find the optimal service to suit your needs.

Once implemented we work with you over the long term to ensure that we deliver on your objectives and adapt to any changes accordingly. We believe it is important to keep you up to date and informed and we do so with both electronic communication and regular personal review meetings. Our service charter will be provided to you during the advice process.

Investment Offering

We will always look to build the optimal investment strategy to align with your risk profile and individual needs and objectives. We implement the investment strategy and invest your portfolios with some of the leading global investment firms and providers of mutual and exchange-trade-funds such as Dimensional Fund Advisors, BlackRock and Vanguard.

Where appropriate we can also offer access to alternative investment strategies, private equity and hedge fund offerings.

Fee Structure

High fees and hidden charges can cause a significant drag on a portfolio’s returns. Our fee structure is straightforward and transparent. Our interests are aligned with our clients’ when our fees are charged as a percentage of the assets we manage on their behalf. All fees will be disclosed and agreed prior to our engagement and any plan being executed.

HNW Insurance Solutions

Insurance, in its many shapes and forms, is a crucial and integral part of lifestyle financial planning. However, due to its relative complexity and shared borderlines with investments, many people do not have a cohesive strategy to combine insurance and investments in their long-term planning.

We find this is especially so with affluent and HNW clients in Asia where there is a clear mismatch between the client needs and advice given by many insurance brokers, agents and banks. Unfortunately some industry practitioners are driven more by the lucrative commissions and financing features of certain products rather than putting the clients’ needs and best interests as priorities.

Some benefits of insurance solutions include:

– Privacy of assets and holdings

– Estate planning, succession planning and streamlined wealth transfer

– Asset protection

– Ability to hold a range of assets

– Ability to keep investment control

– Tax optimization

As experienced financial advisors and a licensed insurance broker, we have partnered with many of the region’s insurance providers to offer solutions such as private placement life insurance, variable universal life insurance, term life, whole-of-life, international medical insurance, in addition to the widely “sold” single-premium universal life insurance.

Instead of adopting a standardized approach used by many of our peers in the industry in offering a one-size-fits-all solution Pyrmont Wealth Management strive to truly understand to complex situation of our clients and offer bespoke and innovative insurance solutions.

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